.357 S&W mag ladies


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The .357 Smith and Wesson magnum or 9 x 33mmR was introduced in 1934. Developed in response to the post WWI prohibition, bootlegger era the .357 had the ability to penetrate car doors and protective vests used during this period. Using a longer case than the otherwise identical .38 the .357 was only usable in heavier framed pistols designed to take the high pressures generated by the round. Using a 158 grain bullet it generates only 640 foot pounds of energy.

Cufflink created from a recycled polished brass case head (rim, extractor groove and portion of cartridge body) of the .357 S&W Magnum round. Cufflink measuring11.2mm diameter by 3mm depth set on gold plated solid arm (Approx 24mm overall length).


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