.38 special amethyst ladies


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The .38 special or 9 x 29.5mm was introduced in 1898 and was the standard service calibre for most US police departments from 1920’s to the 1990’s. It was also a popular calibre in the second world war for US service men. It is in fact a 357 bullet with the .38 denoting the approx diameter of the loaded brass case. Mainly used in revolvers it is also used in some carbines and is a low pressure cartridge.

Using a 158 grain bullet it generates only 310 foot pounds of energy.
Cufflink created from a recycled polished

brass case head (rim, extractor groove and portion of cartridge body) of the .38 Special round. Cufflink measuring 11mm diameter by 2mm depth set on gold plated solid arm (Approx 24mm overall length). Set with 4mm round garnet in place of primer cap.


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